Thank you, and photos!

A mighty thanks to all who came out to the 2017 Center City Literary Festival! The day was filled with puppetry, storytelling from authors Shelby Bach, Tia Capers, Janaka Lewis, B. Edward Swift, and Connie Williams, literary-themed arts and crafts, and lots of happy young faces! In the evening, we kicked off with a lively reception and then heard some fantastic readings from our authors Nikky Finney, Eduardo C. Corral, Dustin M. Hoffman, and Bryn Chancellor, all of which reminded us of the importance of literature in our lives.

Here is what one attendee shared afterward:

“The whole experience delivered such a surprise gift—I hadn’t expected to be so deeply moved. The writers reconstituted my writing will—threw buckets of water my way—and reminded me how dehydrated I’d become. The presenters reminded me that language is how we reconnect with ourselves. When we make the effort to articulate those pieces that make us uniquely human, our words “ping” others. Collectively we learn that we’re not alone—we get “re-membered.” Isn’t that a big part of what writing’s all about? Nikky spoke of how writers “save” something. I know that last night saved a part of me.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks to all—participants, audience, and organizers—for creating such an experience.

Some photos from the day:

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And photos from the evening!

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